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Most important after purchase is to save the file on you computer and don't click "run".

Once you have purchased your products you can download them directly after checkout. Just press the button "Return to merchant". See pictures below.

You will also recieve a download link in your email.

Just remember to save the files on your computer, then pack it up and  import the files as it shows in the instructions below.






After purchase

Press "Return to merchant"

Remember to SAVE THE FILES,

don't press run

Then you will be redirected to a direct download area





You will also recieve the link in your email


How to import

Download the .RAR file and then pack it up. Place it in another location.

Start your ProRealTime platform and import the indicator as shown below.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between buying a protected and visible code?
- When buying a protected code you will not see the code itself and you can import it once. When buying a visible code, you will see all the code and thus learn how it works and could use it in other areas of your work.

May I send the product to a friend?
- No, distribution to any third party is forbidden and illegal based on the terms and conditions of purchase. However, we do appreciate when customers refer us to their friends and we award this behavior with coupon codes.

How many of my own codes could I sell through your store? 
- As many as you like. Just make sure it provides value to the customer. It's a simple process to get started so just send us your proposal.

Can I get any support if something goes wrong?
- Yes ofcourse. Just contact us through the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I get a reward for introducing my friends to this site?
- Yes, we love to reward good customers. You will recieve information about this after your first purchase. The information will be in the attached pdf.

What if I bought the protected version but would later want the visible one, could I get a discount?
- Yes, we believe that you should not need to pay the full price on the visible one if you already bought the protected version. You will just need to pay the difference of the two. Contact us for this.


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