Volume Sorted + Tick Timeframe


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Volume Sorted + Tick lets you analyze the tickchart at its best!
Finally you can understand the volume more correctly, this is perfect for scalpers and intraday traders.

This indicator sorts the volume based on the close of the bar/tick. It’s perfect for reading the volume more correctly. You will instantly get a sense of what is happening if for example a big sell volume bar develops.

You can also activate a moving average to get more information out.
Average > zero indicates more buying volume than selling. Or a falling average indicates more selling pressure, just to name a few examples.

You can also choose to automatically multiply the volume with the close to easier interpret how much is being traded. Changing the volume from number of shares to a currency value truly impacts and strenghtens our common sense ability.

It’s also excellent to use in Screeners, Alerts and Automatic Systems.

Here is a little cheaper version where Tick by tick timeframe is not included

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